Let Your Fans Make You Famous

Don't push your fans away to a third-party social media platform.

Savvy Brands use Action Shots, the Ultimate Toolkit for User Generated Content.

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Let Your Fans Make You Famous

Connect authentically with your fans without the risks of user generated content.
Collect, moderate, curate, and display UGC from one simple dashboard.

Action Shots lets you engage with your fans directly on your own site.  Better mindshare, positive SEO benefits, and better conversion - with the extra social proof of direct customer engagement.

User Generated Content Without The Risk

User-Generated Content on your website opens you to risk - inappropriate content, threadjacking, or even something as simple as off-message content can seriously derail your brand image.
Action Shots removes the risk and puts you squarely in control of what gets shared back out to your larger fanbase.

  • Lightning Fast, Intuitive Management
    Quickly Approve, Reject, Edit, and Tag uploaded assets
  • Custom Galleries
    Share all your photos at once, or create custom galleries to support a specific marketing effort

Works Everywhere

Show your user-submitted content anywhere - apps, websites, even print. Customizable galleries look great on        mobile devices, tablets, and desktop screens.

Find Your Biggest Fans

Action Shots makes it easy and fun for your customers to share their own photos.  Let your most excited fans come to you and help your company by word of mouth - the most effective form of advertising.

Run contests, reward programs, product reviews

  • Learn How Your Products Get Used
    Fans do the most interesting things
  • Re Engage in Real Time
    Reward and connect with customers that share content

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